Nothin' new?15. march 2022

What's up?
A lot! Got new sponsors, hit the road a lot, cared about my beloved, rode a lot of bikes, enjoyed life BUT didn't care about my website...
But check out #snailtours for my current roadtripplings.
But I'm getting there.... So meanwhile check my new sponsors (like Propain or Teravail or TLD or Deuter...) and go out ride your bike. In case you need help, let me know, I'll coach you (seriously).
Nevertheless I hope you enjoy life as well and CHEERS !!!

What's up1. april 2019

That took a while to go online and type a couple of words.
Why? Enjoying life! Hitting the road in an old Mercedes! Ride more write less!
But in the end the world runs fast and this website is oldschool and needs to be redone. From scratch. And so itÄs proper visual on a smartphone...
So stay tuned - I am working on it. reloaded !
And meanwhile - go out ride your bike - and so we might meet!

Covershot13. november 2017

What to say? Covershot happiness!
This lucky shot was taken by Kilian Kreb up at Plose, Brixen. I am followed by Julia Hofmann, Timo Pritzel is around the corner...
Here you can have a look at it!

Falltime3. november 2017

So close to winter... But falltime was quite nice, got to flee the wet n cold weather a couple times. Like at the MountainBIKE Testival in Brixen, Southtyrol. Check this YouTube link to get a brief impression of it.
And in the end an alpine cover shot???
But earlier I did hit winter full time. Far up north in Finnland, yes in Lapland, I traveled with Jamie Nicoll and Gary Perkins. Cold, snow, rain, hats, fireplaces, reindeers and adventurous days.
Here are a couple of pics to get an idea... Thanks for everything!

Terres Noires12. september 2017

Digne-les-bains - that did sound familiar. I had to stop here, take out my bike and yes, I remembered. Black, french slickrocks like Moab 2.0. Of caus, just a little better ;-)
Black sandy but gripfull soil. Wallrides, jumps, roller, uphills - everything. Have a look right herw to see some POV footage and pictures. And sorry for the bad POV, no actioncam, just my phone and some straps....
And all around this place - great endurorides filled up with all you need - don't forget to stop when you drive by!

WOW - pinning hairpins11. september 2017

WOW! That one went viral. A little example of how to pin hairpins on youtube and all over facebook. Wit over 350.000 views unbelievable.
But hey, check it out youself right here.
Besides: I was running "low battery" and ran out of storage half way through. Brough that one home right on the edge.
Location: Latsch - camera, cut, rider, stunts and catering: my myself and I. By the way, subscribe me on youtube - there are more vids to come.

Back with Hammerdays!10. september 2017

Long time no see - sorry for beeing out of reach, but I had to heal up a bit.
As usual I am back! Enjoying rightaway THE hammerdays by Herbert.Bike.
And what's that about? Good times, good trails, good people and great locations all around St. Moritz Swizerland. And this is how it looks.
And less expensive as you might expect, check the packages.

video time5. march 2017

Sit back and relax!
It's time for a movie - check THIS out. Our little south tyrol adventure.
Thanks Stefan Eigner for the effort! It was, again, a pleasure!

story time10. february 2017

Check this out! MountainBIKE magazin Germany published a huge story of me and Stefan Eigners trip to the pyrenees.
Great to see it finally beeing printed. Many thanks go to Jorge Ruiz de Eguilaz from Zona Zero and Martin Campoy from Osole Visual.
So enjoy the issue 03/2017 and travel to Ainsa !!! I'll be back for shure.
Here you see what the story looks like.

still fall22. november 2016

live on tv ! A german tv station visited me and did a little something about me. But mainly not as the bike-Prof - even more into wildlife.
Wired? Shure. Just check the replay right HERE to know what I am talking about. Sorry, no subtitles...

this is fall25. october 2016

Indian summer - wow.
As perfect finish of the MB-Testival festival I got up early and shot with Kilian Reil some awesome pics.
Because it was such a blast I returned and earned winter up above the clouds... But that's nature as it is.
Check yourself here what we did.
And Thanks Stefan Eigner for the company and the workflow.
Now: hello winter!

2nd part of summer27. september 2016

A bit of time since the last news means: riding riding riding.
A lot to explore as sweden, the cevennes, wallis in switzerland AND an awesome galleryshot of Bause Tom displayed in bikesport magazin. Thanks all.
Of cause, here you can take a look.
But now, falls coming...

cover n coffee5. august 2016

Don't wait too long to update your website. Okay, here it is!
Sweet sweden is worth it. Great ground, nice rockfaces but no pictures this time... So go yourselfe.
But to show you something, I found myself and Martin Campoy on the cover of the lates issue of MountainBIKE magazin MB 09/2016. Check here how Stefan Eigners shot turned out.

(pre)summermadness12. july 2016

Long time no type. But not because of some bad news - no, just the (pre) summermadness. A lot of Latsch and some inbetween home.
Than a little trip here and there, lake Garda, Easttyrol, Southtyrol, Tessin, Erzgebirge, Tyrol and in the end, home.
Check it out, here are some sweet shots.
Now heading towards sweden, coming to Brixen to hold the Peak Week and take some time off, tripping Provence, Liguria befor hitting Eurobike.

Spring?29. february 2016

After repeating Finale-Liguria and checking in Latsch-Southtyrol again I can tell you that I need spring now. Luckily it's not far and there are more escapes just around the corner.
Oh, by the way, if you wanna know how I slow down (yes it DOES happen) in MountainBIKE MB 04/2016 theres this nice ridinglesson.
See you somewhere on the trails.

Winterescape20. january 2016

In the middle of winter it's time again to say a quick HELLO. Not to show you the epiciest pics, but to let you know how you can make your winter adorable.
Testing and shooting in Latsch-Southtyrol, Christmas-trailriding on my old hometrails - where my origin lies. And again testing in Finale Liguia. Just got back right in time to be part of the winter and carve some fresh lines in the snowy slopes.
To give you a quick n easy impression, check here.
Solong and till soon.

selfieterror22. october 2015

Fall, Autum or Otono. Whatever it is its nice and colourful, but to capture that on a actionslefie... annoying! At least if you want to go shreddin'.
So rap it up and go one! But you can taste the season and feel the urge to shred on those pictures.
Next time with photografer or more boredomness.

Cover all over14. october 2015

And again - covershots are dropping like leaves in the fall. Unfortunately without my Norco, due to the occation of press-events-pictures.
But nice fire-red 2016 clothes. Check here for the shots of Dennis Stratmann and Steve Martin.
Maybe the next one from Stefan Eigner with my Range in Ainsa ???

On the top9. august 2015

It's Latsch again. But no duty just fun, you could call it holiday - quite nice.
Madritschjoch, Zwölferkreuz and Göflaner Schartl. Of cause, here are a couple of pics to make you jellous.
And because it's nothing but nice - Brixen with it's Peak Week is on. So more peaks to come...

French Pfingsten9. june 2015

Hey, finally not Latsch again! It's south france avec mon nuveau Norco Range Carbon - holy shit :-)
Ardeche, Provence, Haut Provence - a lot of water, gravel-trails and breathtaking rides. This is a little taste of france :-)
And now, on the road again!

Latsch Vegas4. may 2015

Yes, again Latsch. Captured by Tom Bause. The nice result can be checked out right here . Enjoy and...
Rock n Roll!

Latsch Latsch Latsch - and no more facebook24. april 2015

And again: Latsch Southtyrol - yes, its another post, but it seems to be the same. Guiding, teaching, riding, loving Latsch. And even climbing. And one of the results, a covershot (here)!
And by the way, facebook does not belive that I am myself. They doubt my profil-name and even id and articles couldn't be proof enough for someone like them...
Oh well, than more time for

Haibike coaching11. march 2015

work n fun! Some photoshooting and last but not least the kick-off event for the Haibike-Enduro-Crew. And I am honored to coach them, hopefully properly. Here's the upper goal (and my earylbird - for the crew: gym...)
And there are three more weekends to come - looking foreward.

Day off2. february 2015

How fun a day-off can be... Inbetween of two days of testing for MountainBIKE magazin I got a day-off and filled it with italien coffee, sauna and plenty of riding. Since I took my camera you can check right here how it felt.
Man, it's good to take a day off!

meanwhile in Germany... 22. january 2015

Long time no news - there where none. So whats happening meanwhile in Germany? Check those pictures and get a tast of winter. Tour starts at home but takes a while and covers a lot of muddy lower parts in freezing cold conditions... nasty but worth it :-)

doublecover24. november 2014

Here it is: the Bergfühlung catalogue! The cover is out of the freerideweek at Steineggerhof.
But even more exciting, the sportsstudents calendar from Kilina Kreb. With the Stocherkahnjump on the cover! You can buy one (Osiander or Biwakschachtel Tübingen) or check it out here. I like it a lot ;-)
Enjoying the muddy trails and looking foreward to snow!

Stocherkahnjump15. october 2014

After the great vid (nearly 40.000 hits) and my first shit-storm and a great time at the MountainBIKE Testival in Brixen, I had to fulfill a nother project. The Stocherkahn-jump.
I can tell you - scary! Ghetto set up, everything wabling and no clue if it will work out...
But - a lot of fun and the result will be in Kilina Krebs annual calendar. And in advance, here is the making of.
Looking foreward to the calendar!

rule the trail11. september 2014

It's done! Our first project worked out quite well - Stefan Eigner and me - Latsch after a rainy day - a good piece of european electromusic. There it is.
RULE THE TRAIL - watch it right here and enjoy.
Solong, Prof

european enduro series30. august 2014

Wow - busy days. European Enduro Series in Nauders, rock n roll in Latsch and Eurobike in Friedrichshafen. Now in Fiss for a presscamp...
But the race was worth a lot. I finished 3rd and it was a blast. Quite challenging, but rewarding. check out some pictures.
And Latsch was more fun than ever. Checked out all the good stuff and figured some projects for the future.
And finally, the RULE THE TRAIL - movie is about to be launched! It's gonna be sweet. Looking foreward - so stay tuned.

kind of summer19. august 2014

Couple of weeks later and not only a little happened. Videoshooting in Latsch, south tyrol - I got the cover of the latest issue of Mountainbike (9/14) and traveled a bit. Liguia to meet Harald Philipp and further to Slovenia at the side of the Soca-river. A slight capture of the last week can be seen here.
Now its time to head on to race the European Enduro Series in Nauders/Reschen.
And than, Eurobike Friedrichshafen - see you there!

nationals28. july 2014

No - unfortunately not. Not too much to say about, I was not allowed to start at the german nationals, due to a too short in advance ordered licence. This is how my weekende looked like. Oh well, not more to say.

The "schwäbisches Tagblatt"14. july 2014

The local newspaper did a decent interview with me as a not only local hero... I won't translate the whole thing, but check here out how much it is!
And don't forget the auktion of the fox-fork. Where the whole money goes to Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder Tübingen e.V..
Solong, Prof

Bikes and Beats10. july 2014

Successful - that was the word of Bikes and Beats 2014 in Saalbach-Hinterglemm as I would say.
Best weather - perfect people - a load of parties and never the less: a win in my first race this year. I took the win of the Fox Enduro-Challenge. 10km and 1000hm downhill - challenging but worth it. Best of all - the win was a brandnew 2015 Fox 34 160mm. Exactly this fork will be sold right HERE. and the whole money goes to Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder Tübingen e.V.. Be part of it and make a bid.
Here are some pics to it, with the fork, the ceremony and the after-race-run.
That's it for now, yours DER Professor

Rides11. june 2014

Took a while but now it's there. My new rides. They not only ride smooth, they also look great. First try was in Nauders at Greendays opening. Great place to shred some hand-built trails! Second try-out was the photoshooting for the 2015 Zimtstern catalogue. Some nice and huge jumps - I can tell you! Felt good beeing in the air!
Now a quick vacation and than heading off to Bikes and Beats in Saalbach!
By the way here are the pics of my new rides.

Pause over25. may 2014

Long time no see - true and I am sorry.
The reason therefore was a broken metacarpal bone in my left hand. Surgery mandatory. But as I am known for - back again, quick and unchained. The first photos been taken.
So stay tuned for news - either from greenday Nauders, tiretest for the MountainBIKE magazin or the photoshooting for the 2015 Zimtstern bikewear...
Needless to say - summer here I come.

Cover, Coverage, home sweet home and a bus5. april 2014

All good in the end... That is exactly what it is, concerning the latest cover of the MountainBIKE Magazin (05/14), featuring ME!
And on top of that the inside... Big thanks to Dennis Stratmann who delivered a bunch of really good pictures for the enduro-bike-test.
And the bus! Pretty colourful and bright - might be my silhouette what makes it so bright... thanks for that honour.
To know what I'm talking about, check here for the pictures and you know what I'm talking about.
And than I visited my home sweet home - trails more than ever - sweet. And some nice shots with Paul Masukowitz but they are not yet to show... stay tuned.

Video Video !25. march 2014

A lot of movement. At first the english version of this homepage and now moving pictures.
Check the squirrel-thing right here on MTB-News or here on youtube.
Enjoy the short 1:44 :-)

The english version3. febuary 2014

Let's get global! Now, after 3 years the vollblutrider-page is more than understandable since there's now the english version.
There are news righthere and the latest pictures will be placed here.
In terms of news there's not a lot to tell other than I am nearly recovered from a pcl ruptur. Ugly shit but been through it. Now there's a lot of expectation for the upcoming year - lets rock it!
So: enjoy the english version and go out riding! Bye, Thomas or DER Professor.