Name: Thomas "der Professor" Schmitt
Origin: Betzdorf, Germany
Hometown: Tübingen, Germany
Degree: Diploma Physicaleducation
Job: Rider
Job surroundings: MountainBIKE magazin test- and photorider, bikeride ridingtechniquetrainer, guide, bikemodell in gerneral, etc.
Riding since: 1989 - racing since 1994
Disziplins: originally CrossCountry, later till now Downhill, Freeride, BigMountain, Street and Dirt for fun
Contestresults: 1. DM DH Mastersclass 2009, 3. DM DH Mastersclass 2010, 3. SchlaflosImSattel 2010, 1. DürrbachtalClassics 2009, 2010 und 2012, 3.Teamwertung NordkettenDownhill.PRO 2011 (und schnellster Wildcardfahrer) und 2.Teamwertung 2012

...a couple of questions...

What is it that makes mountainbiking to be THE sport for you?
Nature, endurace, speed, action, recreation, relaxation and tension all at once.

And why would you say is it more than just a sport?
Oh well, cause I make a living out of it...

What is needed to be a good mountainbiker?
Having fun doing it!

Your favourite spot/trail?
Vinschgau Latsch, Saalbach, Finale Ligure, Portes du Soleil, Slovenia Bovec, Vancouver Northshore.

Best felling on your bike and why?
Everywhen theres flow either during trailrocking or downhillracing.

Hows does a perfect bike-day look?
Waking up on high altitude and outside in your sleepingbag due to the smell of freshly brewed coffee - peak view included.
After a selfearned ride for an hour an a little hike for 30 minutes descent from the peak about 2000 meters of hight - best trails, natural jumps, technical bits.
Snacks on a creek in the valley - check the local dirts and have bbq and a bunfire surrounded by a pumptrack to get back in your sleepingbag for a couple of shootingstars.

Your best Contest sofar?
2009 - spontanious and without preperation and training becomming germany DH-Champion Mastersclass. Fairytale-like!

What makes you proud?
Victory without trainigseffort.

How important is ecology for you in biking?
Very much. I don't like careless attitudes - it's unfair and narrowminded. You have to preserve and honor the place the most important part of you life takes place in. In my case - obvious - nature!


1979Freudenberg: Birth
1988my first Mountainbike (Pegasus)
1994Marin IndianFireTrail and first CC Race in Betzdorf
1999graduation Highschool
1999/2000socialservice instead of the Military
2000first bikeride-training (ridingtechnikschool)

College, Physicaleducation, graduation: Diploma
2003/2004youth-teamtraining and adventur-education at GFE (Erlebnistage im Harz)
2006firs biketest for MountainBIKE magazin
2006first cover MountainBIKE (01/07)
2009German Champion Downhill, Licens-Masters class

3. German Championship Downhill, Licens-Masters class
first member of the Zimtstern-biketeam

disqualification German Championship Downhill, Licens-Masters class
3. place Team NordkettenDownhill.PRO - and fastes wildcardrider

2. place Team NordkettenDownhill.PRO - as substitut for Troy Brosnan
1. Platz Dürrbachtal Classics 5th annualrace